Since introducing the world’s first chemical processing pump over 75 years ago, Flowserve has continued to engineer some of the industry’s most important milestones, including a solution for reducing the high seal failure rate in corrosive environments – the flow modifying seal chamber. Since its introduction, SealSentry FM technology has proven so effective in optimizing seal environments, it received Chemical Processing’s Vaaler Award for dramatically improving operations and economics for chemical plants. So how do they exceed conventional stuffing boxes in extending seal life, reducing pump operating costs and increasing pump availability?

SealSentry Advanced Features

Flow modification technology – exclusive to SealSentry seal chambers – optimizes the environment to protect mechanical seal facings and components through self-flushing, self-venting and self-draining, achieved by:

  • Redirecting flow from circumferential to axial
  • Balancing flow with low pressure drop in the chamber to help keep solids in suspension, minimizing erosion
  • Creating centrifuging action away from its parts
  • Merging solids and slurry into the returning flow path to flush from the seal chamber.

Guarding mechanical seals from corrosive fluids and damaging solids not only improves the performance, reliability, and operational life of the seals, it also decreases MTBF and protects your overall pump equipment investment!

Extended Model Line

SealSentry seal chambers are included as standard equipment on the Durco Mark 3 family of ANSI pumps, with a choice of Flow Modifier (FM), Cylindrical Bore (CB) and Jacketed options to cover a broad range of seal sizes and applications:

Flow Modifier Designs – choose from three configurations:

  • FML – Designed with a large gland bolt and gasket circles, the FML is preferred for most applications, inlcuding:
    • Single internal cartridge seals
    • Dual internal/external cartridge seals
    • Single internal component seals with flexibly mounted seats
    • Dual internal “true” tandem design cartridge seals.
  • FMS – similar to the FML, but fits seals with small gland bolt and gasket circles. Single seals with all seat mounting configurations can be installed.
  • FMI – incorporates a cast-in integral gland and uses the sleeve for seal setting and fast installation. It can be used with:
    • Single internal, flexibly mounted seals
    • Sanitary-type applications

Cylindrical Bore Designs – when your application requires packing or external seal flushing configurations, choose from two CB models:

  • CBL – Designed with an oversized cylindrical step bore, the CBL is ideal for seals with large gland bolt and gasket circles. It can be used with:
    • Dual internal component seals that isolate the seal chamber from the process with external barrier fluid
    • Single seal with throttle bushing and flush to boost pressure over flash point
  • CBS - Designed for packing arrangements and conventional seals with small gland bolt and gasket circles.

Jacketed Seal Chambers are also available to deliver effective heat transfer in the seal chamber area or across the entire surface area of the process fluid. Select from two models depending on your temperature objective:

  • Jacketed cylindrical bore (CB) version for when seal chamber cooling is the objective
  • Jacketed flow modifying (FM) seal chamber when protection of the process temperature is important.

The SealSentry CRC line is designed to retrofit many ANSI pump brands, including Goulds, Griswold, Peerless, Summit and more. This easy-to-install upgrade offers a superior alternative to replacing seals in obsolete or inferior stuffing box designs. The CRC line includes the same three FM, CB and Jacketed options as is offered on the Durco Mark 3.

The SealSentry Advantage

Whether installed standard on your Durco Mark 3 Chemical Processing pumps, or retrofitted to upgrade your competitive ANSI, you'll gain the same process and operational advantages:

  • Enable handling of higher solids levels
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for costly seal support systems
  • Permit use of less expensive seals and flush plans, eliminating plans 11, 32, 52, 53, etc.
  • Provide a safe environment for personnel
  • Improve mechanical seal performance, reliability and life
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership for your installed base.

PP&S – your source for Reliability Solutions

If your goal is to improve reliability, SealSentry seal chambers are an excellent start. From replacing or upgrading a single pump with SealSentry technology, to standardizing your entire install base, the PP&S team can help you determine your most reliable and cost effective solution – now and for the long run.

Give us a call – we'll make maximizing performance while attaining your lowest total cost of ownership not only achievable, but easier.

SealSentry Models

SealSentry standard and jacketed versions

See how SealSentry seal chambers work together with the Durco Mark 3's rugged design features to maximize uptime, streamline maintenance and deliver the highest performance for your lowest total cost of ownership. And with one of the SealSentry CRC models, you can upgrade your competitive ANSI model to achieve the same seal reliability and extended life.

Flowserve SealSentry Seal Chamber and Mark 3 literature

Specification Tools

Solve for tomorrow's challenges today.

Contact PP&S for more information on how standardizing with the SealSentry on your ANSI installed base can increase your MTBF and reduce maintenance. We also offer proactive Reliability and TLC Solutions to reduce your total cost of ownership – from one pump, to multiple systems and plant locations.

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