Did you know an intelligently-designed predictive maintenance program can increase your production line availability by 5 to 15% and reduce maintenance costs 18 to 25%?*


AiM is the only true end-to-end, completely customized condition monitoring system, MaaS + repair solution on the U.S. market today. Plus, your AiM solution is expertly installed, tested, monitored, managed and repaired by the same local engineering team that designed and programmed your system.

AiM fully customizable technology line-up

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*McKinsey & Company, Digitally Enabled Reliability, 2018

How valuable would it be to your production process, quotas and deadlines to know the health of your process equipment in real time? This is the promise that predictive maintenance (PdM) programs offer, but imagine the time and research you'd have to devote to coordinating multiple hardware and software vendors – especially a team that knows your business. Plus, trying to install and configure an IIoT monitoring system yourself, then interpreting and mitigating process equipment problems, is time-consuming, complicated, and risky as well.

The OTP family of companies has been providing process equipment and reliability solutions to the industrial sector for decades. And with several hundred years combined rotating equipment and certified repair expertise, we're uniquely qualified to deliver on a turnkey PdM solutions package that targets your specific application and equipment needs. AiM is our end-to-end technology and engineering support program that provides automated intelligence for maintenance teams, combined with proactive repair solutions that minimize unscheduled downtime — saving substantial money in lost productivity and escalated repair costs. And with OTP, you can count on ongoing operational integrity and superior service from a dedicated local team that builds knowledge and equity in your end-to-end process.

The market's only true turnkey PdM solution

AiM’s predictive maintenance technology and end-to-end pre-configured and programmed solution is unique in several ways. AiM Systems include EVERYTHING, from walking down a system to assess system needs, to custom configuring and programming individual units, to installation and MaaS (monitoring as a service). We can even handle any repair needs. No one else is offering the same degree of flexibility, customization or a solution this comprehensive – we do all the heavy lifting for you, saving labor time, expediting installation, operation and ensuring the programming and technology is trouble-free. Our turnkey program includes:

  • Hydraulic Institute-certified system assessment
  • System design with complete customization to suit your application(s), including component configuration and programming
  • On-site installation and testing
  • Cloud-based dashboard offering real-time data and historical data
  • High-speed wireless service or connection to your IT network**
  • 24/7 remote monitoring as a service (MaaS)
  • Data analysis to identify degrading trends to isolate the equipment before damage and avoidable costs occur
  • Periodic reporting and action plan recommendation
  • OEM-certified equipment maintenance/repair services
  • Equipment loaner or vendor-managed inventory solutions

Excellence is in the details

AiM systems integrate Banner Engineering state-of-the-art monitoring components offer more flexibility and reliability than most competitive equipment on the market. In engineering your system, we start with a base kit of required hardware, then build out the components based on the critical rotating equipment in your manufacturing process. All components are then programmed and pre-tested to monitor the health of your specific equipment and application. Base kits start with: 

Gateway – This industrial wireless controller facilitates IIoT applications. It interfaces the local wireless sensors and provides a way to collect the data and serve it to the cloud, your LAN network, or just a display screen. Key features include:

  • IP67 housing resists damp/wet conditions – without a control cabinet.
    Customizable alarms and alerts with secure email.
  • Interactive programmable user interface with LCD and LED indicators.
  • Full customization by the AiM team to meet your equipment monitoring, data delivery and facility requirements.

Vibration/Temperature + AMP Sensors – Our custom built and configured system includes a minimum of 2 EACH vibe/temp nodes with 20A and 150A AMPs, and vibration sensors:

  • Can be set to monitor any equipment with 4-20 milliamps service.
  • Run on lithium batteries that provide 3-5 years of continuous use.
  • Can be attached to equipment with glue or (3) optional magnetic mounts.
  • Communicates with Gateway from up to 6 miles away (line of sight).
  • Vibe sensor extension cables available if needed for custom configuration.

Pressure Sensors – The AiM system's all-in-one pressure nodes combine a media-isolated pressure sensor with reliable, field-proven, Sure Cross wireless architecture into one package, eliminating the need for multiple components and reducing the device footprint. We can custom-configure a package to include as many pressure sensors as needed. These units monitor pneumatic systems, cooling systems, and more – in remote locations without human intervention. This industrial grade, battery-powered device wirelessly transmits pressure levels to the gateway for remote monitoring of critical systems, including:

  • Water pressure
  • HVAC systems
  • Pneumatic systems
  • Cooling systems/compressors/chillers fluid pressure
  • Hydraulic system pressure
  • Supply tank level via the head pressure

RPM Sensor + Hardware – Hardware includes the RPM node, Turck Uprox sensor and cable, power supply, cable and our expertise in configuring the unit’s interface with the custom system. The UPROX sensor (which is a metal detecting proximity sensor) detects shaft rotation via a screw head, metal bump, or other feature on the shaft that the sensor sees as it goes by. These pulses are read by the node and converted to a frequency, which is then turned into RPM in the gateway and sent to the display/network/cloud as necessary.

3 Years of Prepaid Wireless Service – To push data to the cloud, you can choose between a CDS plan that allows 1000 points per hour/2mil point storage OR a Verizon cellular data service through OTP. Both are renewable on an annual contract after the first 3 years. All monitoring data is one-way communication, with NO ability to control equipment through the wireless connection or the software. Depending on your facility's security requirements, we offer 3 options for securely transmitting data:

  • Cloud service where data is viewable in real time, along with historical data storage.
  • Tying data into your facility’s DCS System.
  • Supplying digital data on your local DXM, with no cloud service or trending capability.

CDS Monitoring Dashboard + Cloud Storage – Data from the equipment-installed sensors feed into a Cloud Data Services (CDS) platform, which is accessible remotely to multiple users through internet-enabled mobile and desktop devices. The AiM team can define parameters to control when and how to receive notifications via email or SMS message. The monitoring dashboard's on-demand visibility and real-time alerts allow the your team and/or the AiM team to respond to equipment issues BEFORE a system failure. 

Plus, the CDS platform's analytics and visualization tools deliver actionable insights that allow you to solve realtime equipment performance and uptime challenges. In addition, the ability to store data and analyze trends over time helps your team make better, data-driven decisions long-term.

Unmatched flexibility, scalability + engineering support to meet your needs

The AiM system’s competitive strengths include its flexibility/customization of hardware, software, and networking, the deep expertise of our engineering team, and our comprehensive local support services. AiM systems can be engineered as simply or complex as required to provide your optimum monitoring environment for vibration, temperature and/or pressure. Add to that our local monitoring, issue evaluation and repair services, and you've got the most targeted and complete solution to ensuring equipment health, uptime and ROI. 

AiM system flexibility

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