Less than 10% of all pump failures are attributed to normal bearing wear, which means that nearly all bearing failures are avoidable. Troubleshoot and prevent equipment failure and system disruptions before they occur with the IPS Beacon 2 condition monitor, with optional data logging and analytics. PP&S can support your team with equipment and training to establish your own reliability program, scale your local program across multiple systems or locations – straight through turnkey reliability program management.

The Basic IPS Beacon 2 Condition Monitor

Mounting to most bearing frame brands, the Beacon 2 can serve as a stand-alone method to augment walk-around maintenance practices to monitor asset condition. Preemptive visual alerts provide an easy, cost effective means to monitor vibration, temperature and runtime. Features and alert triggers include:

  • Polycarbonate housing with borosilicate glass-protected lenses maintain vivid status indications in chemical environments.
  • Power-up module (PUM) with reset for those interested in just visual alerts.
  • 4-5 year battery life depending on operating parameters and conditions.
  • Three-axis (x-y-z) vibration sensor measures overall vibration readings in velocity 0 to 25.4 mm/s (0–1 in/s) RMS.
  • Temperature sensor measures surface temperature readings from -40˚C to 93.3˚C (-40˚F to 200˚F).
  • Internal runtime calculator measures runtime by sensing vibration levels of the rotating equipment.
  • 14-day fault Indication provides extended visual notification of an alert condition, even if monitored levels return to normal.
  • Certifications include: CSA (CL 1, Div. I, Groups A, B, C, D, E, F and G), ATEX and IECEx (CL 1, Zone 0).
  • Retrofit capability mounting options include direct drill and tap or 316 epoxy mount stainless steel pad.

Data + Scalability Options

For reliability programs that require insights that are deeper than simple visual alerts, the Beacon 2 can connect wirelessly across multiple systems through Flowserve's Bluetooth TAM module. The IPS product family can scale data capabilities through:

• IPS Mobile Insight™ App

For close monitoring of a single pump or a whole system, the Beacon 2 and TAM wirelessly transmit data to your mobile device via the IPS Mobile Insight app. Available through Apple or Google Play app stores, this app provides access to real-time and up to 90 days of logged data for connected Beacons. It also enables granular custom configuration of alarm levels, read rates (down to 1 minute), and monitoring anytime and from anywhere.

• IPS Insight Platform

In addition to interfacing with the IPS Beacon 2, the IPS Mobile Insight app works seamlessly with the IPS Insight Platform – a portal that acts as a dashboard for monitoring multiple assets in one plant or thousands across an enterprise. Available as an on-premise installation or through the cloud, this software can provide deep predictive analytics based on both OEM engineering algorithms and machine learning to help optimize system performance and avoid unplanned downtime.

The IPS product family is designed to scale with your specific requirements now and in the future – empowering you with knowing not only when an asset might fail, but also why.

PP&S Reliability Solutions

Whether simply to answer questions about features and configuration, or for support in setting up the ideal reliability program for your operation, you can rely on PP&S Engineers to recommend – and even implement your optimal solution.

The PP&S Reliability Engineers are certified in levels I, II and III systems assessment and in reliability program development by the Hydraulic Institute and the Association of Asset Management Professionals (AMP). With almost 40 years combined industry experience, PP&S Engineers provide the expertise, infrastructure, resources and solidity you need to confidently partner in developing and implementing a robust reliability solution.

Give us a call – we'll make maximizing performance while attaining your lowest total cost of ownership not only achieveable, but easier.

Watch these videos to learn more about local and wireless condition monitoring with the IPS Beacon 2

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PP&S is certified in systems assessment and reliability program development by the Hydraulic Institute and the AMP.

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