In our ongoing commitment to bringing the highest quality and most comprehensive solutions to your process, PP&S is proud to represent Flowserve's INNOMAG line in Alabama, the Carolinas and Virginia!

INNOMAG has been recognized as an innovator and leader in the sealless, non-metallic, mag-drive pump market for over 15 years. With the growing demand for corporate and environmental responsibility, INNOMAG's zero-emission pump technology is increasingly specified in evolving petro- and organic chemical applications, as well as in a broad range of industrial – and even environmental – applications.

A history of game-changing

INNOMAG's first important innovation is the TB-mag series – the first fully thrust-balanced mag-drive pump with the ability to handle solids, eliminating the need for perfectly clean liquids. The TB-mag's thrust balance technology also:

  • completely eliminates axial thrust bearings, providing a controlled internal environment
  • minimizes the issue of secondary containment by providing secondary bearings.

The U-mag series is engineered with the same high-quality materials, but designed for smaller and more refined applications. Stand-out features include:

  • universal mag-drive dimensions and chemical compatibility
  • offered in a variety of fluoroplastic materials including high purity PFA
  • powerful neodymium magnets provide maximum torque up to 14 hp (10.5kW)

We also offer INNOMAG's extensive line of accessories and piping adapters to assure quick and reliable installation. Combine INNOMAG design-forward quality with PP&S' rapid distribution model and robust reliability solutions, and you'll get unparalleled access to the most advanced sealless, zero-emission centrifugal pump technology in the business.

INNOMAG TB-mag and U-mag series pumps at PP&S

Learn more about INNOMAG innovative operation and easy maintenance

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Ongoing Support

Contact the PP&S Engineering Services team for support in specifying an INNOMAG pump fo your application and to discuss how proactive Reliability and TLC Solutions can enhance performance and longevity while reducing costs.


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