Valued Customers and Partners:

First and foremost, we hope you, your colleagues and family are staying well. We also understand how challenging it can be for companies to adjust to the evolving circumstances that all of us are facing during this unprecedented time.

As the industry experiences increasing supply chain disruption, PP&S and our new parent company, OTP, are committed to continuing to serve our customers in a safe and responsible manner, with equipment delivery, engineering services and certified repair. And since we joined the OTP family of companies in September, we’ve gained a strong national infrastructure and extensive resources that we can now leverage to your benefit.

MIT/Sloan recently published the following recommendations for weathering a potential operational challenge due to the COVID-19 pandemic, followed by how PP&S can specifically help you meet this challenge:

  • Know what your options are for extending loans, terms, and other short-term obligations. Talk to us about our vendor consigned and managed inventory programs. These can help you keep cash liquid for operational expenditures.

  • Have an adequate buffer stock of crucial parts and other inputs on hand. PPS / OTP carries an extensive inventory across our family of companies and can provide same day shipping. We can also work with OEMs and OTP network to source hard-to-find units and expedite shipping to your facility.

  • Try to get an understanding of how prepared key suppliers and other stakeholders are for an unexpected event. Since joining OTP, we are now one of largest industrial distributors and service providers in the U.S. for industrial motion control, factory automation, fluid power, pumping systems, spray finishing and power transmission. 

We're remaining open to help your plant stay operational.

While we’ve taken precautions to protect the health of our team and yours, you can rely on our national network of experts and extensive resources to ensure stability in volatile times. Our parent company has validated PP&S and our sister companies as Essential Businesses as outlined by the jurisdictions we serve throughout the United States. We are maintaining operations with staff on-site as required to support shipping, production, maintenance and repair services. The balance of our employees are working remotely full-time in support of customers' needs and changing challenges. And our employees can travel to perform Essential Activities and critical repairs at your facilities in support of your Essential Business.

Despite social distancing, we need to rely on one another more than ever. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us – together, we can solve for today’s challenges and help you remain resilient for tomorrow’s.

Stay well. Stay positive.

Mark Topolnitski
Director of Sales
(704) 588-6250

Bill Tobias
VP of Sales
OTP Industrial Solutions
(614) 342-6418

Alabama*: 800.929.2875
Carolinas*: 800.275.4786
Georgia: 800.929.2874
Virginia: 877.699.3821
Environmental*: 888.254.2815

Charlotte NC*: 800.275.4786
Birmingham AL*: 800.929.2875

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