Our 14 by 20 foot cleanroom at the PP&S Reliability Center in Birmingham

At PP&S, we're serious about reliability. In addition to our comprehensive suite of TLC Solutions, we've gone even further to ensure exacting equipment processes that deliver your total lowest cost. PP&S is proud to now offer cleanroom repair and equipment assembly at our Birmingham, AL Reliability Center.

PP&S can now perform many of our reliability processes in our 14' x 20' contaminant-free, certified class 100,000 cleanroom. This level of controlled repair and assembly of pumps, blowers and mixers enables us to deliver on several key benefits:

  • achieve exacting tolerances where airborne particulate may typically interfere, creating unpredictable impacts to performance

  • protect the integrity of processes such as machining, coating and testing

  • meet customer and industry-specific certifications and regulations, as may be required in paper, chemical, steel and automotive applications

  • combined with the PP&S ISO 9001 quality system, provides customers with a traceable repair service that extends the life of your equipment.

Contact a PP&S Reliability Expert at either of our two Reliability Centers to discuss how our cleanroom services will help you achieve your requirements for performance excellence, while reducing your total cost of ownership.

Contact the PP&S Reliability Center at 800-275-4786

Alabama*: 800.929.2875
Carolinas*: 800.275.4786
Georgia: 800.929.2874
Virginia: 877.699.3821
Environmental*: 888.254.2815

Charlotte NC*: 800.275.4786
Birmingham AL*: 800.929.2875

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