WEMCO pumps and equipment are engineered for efficiency, performance, dependability and longevity in your most severe service applications. For over 50 years, this comprehensive line of vortex and screw centrifugal pumps has been a mainstay for engineers and plant managers in wastewater, food and beverage, mining, chemical, pulp + paper, manufacturing, automotive, and general industrial markets. Combined with PP&S’ almost 40 years of technical expertise and applications support, you’re ensured end-to-end success – from planning, specification and installation, to equipment optimization, long-term productivity and reduced operation costs.

We’ve highlighted a few of the features and benefits offered by WEMCO technology, but be sure to access the decision support tool links – or just call PP&S to discuss the best solution for your application.

WEMCO Torque-Flow pump range:

  • Industry's toughest grit-handling vortex pump – handles pipe-size solids without clogging
  • Abrasion resistant construction
  • Fully recessed cup-type impeller
  • Replaceable hard iron wear plate
  • Two-piece case with replaceable suction piece
  • Wet-end parts available in 650+ Brinell hardness
  • SST wet end available on some models
  • Configurations: Horizontal/Vertical, Belt drive, Direct connect, Submersible, Cantilever

WEMCO Screw-Flow pump range:

  • High efficiency
  • Low NPSH requirements
  • Steep head/capacity curve provides reserve pressure to pass large solids (2.5 - 6.25 in) + clear temporary clogs
  • Flushless tandem mechanical seals
  • Adjustable liners
  • High chrome iron impeller & liner
  • Pumps varying sludge consistencies without changing speed

WEMCO Submersible pump range:

  • Three models providing bottom suction with horizontal or vertical discharge
  • 650 Brinell abrasion-resistant Ni_Hard construction
  • Heavy-duty submersible motor
  • 3/4" thick hi-chrome extended wear area
  • Tandem mechanical seal
  • Optional severe-duty rubber discharge hose on CES model
  • Replaces screw, chain or bucket-type grit collection systems
  • Rimmed impeller performance actually improves with age

WEMCO Hydrogritter System:

  • System components optimized mechanically and hydraulically
  • Protects downstream equipment from grit damage
  • No grit buildup in digesters
  • Removes fine (+150 mesh) grit
  • No tank wear - spiral runs on sand bed
  • Minimizes downtime and grit removal expense
  • Extensive working life
  • Provisional option for airtight cover/vacuum exhaust
  • Designs available from ½ to 200+ MGD

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