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Hayward Gordon Sharpe mixers

PP&S is your source for industry-leading Sharpe Mixers, along with a range of pumps and mixing equipment from the Hayward Gordon Group.

Combining decades of industry experience with dedicated experts and cutting-edge technology, Sharpe Mixers designs, develops, and delivers high-quality liquid mixing solutions for the most challenging applications in the world’s most demanding industries. Sharpe's line-up includes portable, top entering, and side entering mixers and specialized process equipment for the pulp + paper, chemical, water management, oil + gas, agricultural, pharmaceutical, and sanitary industries:

Sharpe Portable Mixers

  • F-Series and Portable Mixers: heavy duty operation, ideal for small batch mixing in direct drive configurations
  • Thrifty Portable Mixers: an economical choice for light-duty or intermittent-duty applications
  • Mix-In-Tote Systems: complete with tote and mixer, available in stainless and composite models that meet UN31HA or UN31A standards

Sharpe Top Entry Mixers

  • E-Series Mixers: designed for low headroom requirements in open tank mount and mechanical seal designs
  • N-Series Mixers: efficient, durable and ideal for a diverse range of applications. Sizes range from fractional to 200+ horsepower

Sharpe Side Entry Mixers

  • V-Series Mixers: this line's HYFLO impeller and FGD technology are ideal for pulp & paper, asphalt and petroleum processes

PP&S also carries Hayward Gordon Mixers, including the HydroMix which provides in-tank nozzle mixing for wastewater and recirculating for petroleum storage applications. Hayward Gordon manufactures dependable pumps as well, including chopper, vertical cantilever, peristaltic and screw centrifugal models.

For high sheer mixing, PP&S offers Hayward Gordon's Scott Turbon Mixers, including inline, laboratory, and hydraulic ram mixers.


PP&S can help specify the best Sharpe or Hayward Gordon solution to optimize your application. Contact your local application expert at:

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